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Drum Brake Axle Assembly
One of our expanding businesses in today's commercial vehicle industry is axle assembly.

We procure our axle beams from the leading manufacturers in the axle industry around the world such as Dana Corp. and Arvin Meritor in USA, SAF (Otto Sauer Achsenfabrik GmbH) in Germany, Arvin-Merritor, and IMT in Canada.

Using our state of the art facility located in South Korea, we dress them with our own hub and brake drums or 5-spoke wheel & brake drum that we manufacture in Korea.

Please refer to JB Axle Specifications for more information.
Axle-Spec : Axle-Spec.pdf

Disc Brake Axle Assembly
JB Enterprises, Inc. exclusively markets and supplies SAF disc brake axles and is the exclusive representative and agent for the Korean market.
Affiliated Axle Beam Manufacturers
Dana Corp.
  get url: www.dana.com
  get url: www.arvinmeritor.com
  get url: www.saf-achsen.de
IMT Corp.
  get url: www.imtpcdf.com
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